Our values

  • RED careers places a high value on your trust, trust to conduct your recruitment search in the most professional manner ensuring complete integrity at all times. Confidentiality is at the heart of the recruitment business and RED careers strongly believes in the need for discretion for both clients and candidates alike. 
  • Second, we value your time, time you'd rather spend on running the company rather than seeing potential applicants.  We make a point of ensuring that employers only see people who are well researched and well suited to the job – something that is frequently mentioned in their testimonials or communications after a successful placement. Now, more than ever, time is money – the last thing you want to do is waste it seeing the wrong people, and the last thing we want to do is lose your custom by sending you people that aren't up to scratch.
  • Next, we value individuality. You will have your own particular processes, company ethos, character, core values, management principles and customer service requirements.  And for us, that means tailor-made packages, arrangements designed specifically around you.