We Strive for the Best

Thérapie Clinic first opened its doors almost 20 years ago and has now established itself as Europe’s No. 1 provider of Laser Hair Removal and Aesthetic Treatments.

Thérapie Clinic has carved a niche, creating an exceptionally strong, recognized brand through the supply of affordable, accessible and most up to date Laser and Aesthetic treatments available globally.

We look for staff that will empower our clients to become the best possible version of themselves by providing them with a 5-star service from the moment they arrive at the clinic to the moment they leave. Our team should not only meet every expectation a client will have but should exceed them in every way.

Everyone at Therapie posses 3 brilliant qualities and they are Hungry, Zesty and Inspiring. It is these qualities that make Therapie the very best in the business.


We look for those that are driven, focused, bold, dynamic and eager. People who are going to rise to the challenge of advancing our industry into a new era unleashing it's and their own true potential. We want people that will always stay ahead of the pack. 


At Therapie Clinic we always want to look at things from a fresh angle, sparking desire for our brand. We want our staff to be infectious in their enthusiasm and energy ensuring it is refelected in everything they do. This quality is used as a cornerstone of our offering so that we can deliver an exemplary, bespoke customer experience again and again.


To offer something uniquely different Therapie Clinic are constantly seeking out groundbreaking ways to transform the lives of everyone who touches our brand. Our staff have a profound respect for everyone who comes into contact with Therapie. they also have a complete empathy for our customers, constantly maintaining a deep understanding of their needs. they inspire self belied to discover the best version of themselves in a nurturing, warm, friendly, welcoming environment that treats everyone equally.

If all of the above describe you then we would be delighted if you applied today to be a part of the Therapie team!

At Therapie we listen to our staff and give those that are Hungry, Zesty and Inspiring enough to progress internally every opportunity to do so

Here is just one example of an employee journey that has taken place within Therapie:

"I had been a Beauty Therapist for many years & I had gained experience in Clinics, Spa’s and on the cruise Liners. I wanted to try something different & exciting so I applied for a position with Therapie Clinic.

After a successful application & interview process I began my career with Therapie Clinic in August 2012.

I was a Laser and Body Specialist in our Molesworth street Clinic. Something  very new and interesting for myself.My days were always busy with appointments, especially for our Body Treatments. These treatments I particularly enjoyed as they were performed on a weekly basis making it so easy to build a relationship with your client. I would look forward to seeing my clients not only to see the great progress they were making within their treatment but also to continue to fun chats from the previous treatment.

After two years in Molesworth Street I decided to take a career break & set off for an adventure in the land down under.

Therapie Clinic were so supportive & very kindly offered me my position back should I return home.

I was able to get work with Laser companies very easily in Australia. This was due to my knowledge and experience with Medical Grade Lasers. Training which I had received with Therapie Clinic.

 After a year of travelling I returned home, I was offered a position in our Tallaght Clinic as a senior laser specialist.  I loved working in our Tallaght Clinic. The Clients were amazing & the clinic was so new, fresh and cosy. Location was such a perk also. I established a wealth of experience during this time.

After 9 months, my time in Tallaght Clinic was cut short.  I left the clinic when a previous shoulder injury became aggravated.  As you can imagine panic set in knowing that I had 10 years of experience within my chosen career and what would I do now?

Our Managing director stepped in and organised for me to work in our Call Centre whilst I recovered.

I was originally only meant to be in the Call centre for rest bite, however after only a few short weeks I realised how much I was enjoying my day and requested to stay. I was trained in every policy, procedure & treatment that Therapie Clinic provided. This is something that I was very interest in. My PC skills which had previously been lacking improved greatly over a short time and the call Centre team were so lovely to work with & fantastic fun.

Fast forward another 9 months… Although very happy in my role within the Call Centre, a Managerial opportunity became available.  I was successful with my application and I am now a manager in Therapie Clinic.

I love what I do and my team are simply fantastic, No challenge is ever too big as we have a great support network and our days are filled with so much fun!

There are so many positions within Therapie Clinic. It is wonderful to work in an environment where you have an opportunity to try a few different aspects whilst finding your forte. Also hardwork does not go unnoticed, In-house promotions & opportunities arise on a regular basis. Goals are definitely encouraged and achievable.

I would advise anyone within the Therapie family or thinking of joining the Team not to be shy , express what interest you! Make your management team aware of your ambitions and they will support and guide you 100 %!  It happened for me…it can happen for you!"


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